How To Seduce Any Woman Fast and Easy


Do u know what’s the world’s worst pick-line… ever??

It’s “hello.”

Yup…the worst pickup line you can possibly use to open a conversation with a gorgeous woman is “hello.”

Think I’m crazy? If you don’t believe me, go try it for yourself. Go to a local nightclub, approach a beautiful girl, and say “hello.”

Unless you’re David Beckham, I absolutely guarantee that saying “hi” or “how are you” will cause the girl to lose interest in you within 30 seconds.

Women are CONSTANTLY bombarded by loser guys who say “hello” and offer to buy them a drink.

If you want to actually open a good conversation and get her interested in you, DON’T just say “hello, how are you.” DON’T offer to buy her a drink.

You need to engage her in a completely different way if you want to end up with a phone number, a kiss, or a night in her bed.

You need to say and do things that make you stand out…that make her want to be around you.

By using certain “trigger words” and employing a few sneaky techniques, you can have a 100% success rate when it comes to opening conversations with women. And, even without much practice, many of these conversations will quickly escalate into flirting, intimacy, sex, and more.

In my opinion, pickup expert Dean Cortez is the only guy who really shows you EXACTLY how to use trigger words & approach techniques that will get her interested in you. Unlike most other authors, he provides SPECIFIC opening lines and outlines the key strategies in a step-by-step manner.

Before you get too skeptical, don’t worry… this isn’t a promotion. I’m not asking you to shell out a bunch of money on something.

Dean is currently running an exclusive promotion ONLY for friends of mine. He is going to let you download his “underground” guide to approaching women in any situation, PLUS a bunch of killer bonus products.

Check it out for yourself!

As I mentioned, what makes Dean different from other “seduction gurus” is the way he gives SPECIFIC and DETAILED examples. He provides a ton of usable opening lines, conversation starters, non-verbal techniques, etc.

Basically, Dean tells you exactly what to say, and how to say it. He even tells you how to use body language to your advantage.

(He covers more than just nightclub situations, by the way. You can use his opening techniques literally anywhere you can find women.)

In my mind, it all comes to down to science. Dean’s strategies for meeting & seducing women are designed to quickly tap into her subconscious sexuality. And that’s why they work so effectively.

As I said…this ISN’T a sales promotion! You don’t have to pay for Dean’s full program to access all his opening lines & conversation starting techniques.

(Frankly I’m just sending this email as a favor to you, because I know his stuff is one of the few products in this market that actually works extremely well.)

You can download everything here…

I can pretty much guarantee that once you try out some of his opening lines and “trigger words” you’ll understand what I mean when I say they’re “tried and true.”

Happy hunting!

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